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"Summer Shape Up!" 
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What if I already have a coach with Herbalife?
We respect your relationship with your coach. Please reach out to that person and they willl help you.  
Do I have to get on the Herbalife shakes?
We are coaches with Herbalife and that is how we help people get their results.   Its like doing yoga without a yoga mat.    You slip and slide and it isn't very effective.     So the answer is - you don't HAVE to - but our coaching without the shakes isn't very effective - you will slip and slide.
Can my friend join?
Yes we would love that! An accountability partner makes it so much more fun. Make sure you let your friend know that you will both be working with Coach Tricia.
What if I am not ready to start now?
We want to encourage you not to be a procrastinator. No time is PERFECT……so lets get your started!!!    Also remember we do have WEEKLY prizes - so even if you can't join us EVERY week - you still can win prizes.   ALSO, we find a challenge when you are on vacation can be AMAZING.   You encourage yourself to stay healthy and active.   Pretend you went away to a health spa!
What if I want to order more Herbalife products?
Your coach would LOVE to help you with that!    It is how we make our money!!!    If you want to learn about getting discounts or our Loyalty Program with even more goodies - please ask!
What if I still have questions?
I will do my best to help. Just email me at:
Hi! I’m Coach Tricia and I have been teaching health and wellness for 35 years.
As you can see I USED to be that person on the left. 40 pounds heavier with a lot of “party girl” habits 

I really wanted to lose weight so I wouldn't have to keep buying bigger clothes .

I wanted to be able to look good again and I could FEEL good again.

The thing is I was lack of motivation. I thought it would be HARD.

I was sick of gyms.

That's when I met an Herbalife wellness coach on the ski hill and she started raving all about 2 shakes a day!

I was skeptical – but also desperate.

I also learned that I didn't have to starve myself, you need to eat more instead.

As a result I got started drinking 2 herbalife shakes a day.

I lost the weight, FEEL AMAZING, love the support of the community and now my passion is helping YOU  get the results YOU want!!!